Thomas Oatway | Kudos to DeBree for Backing Hill

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I enjoyed reading the Jim DeBree commentary (Oct. 11) in The Signal. It is certainly refreshing to see a former Republican who can actually understand when GOP policies work against his own better interest and the public interest. Mr. DeBree made a good case for the qualifications and personal character of Katie Hill, and correctly expressed the failures of Rep. Steve Knight, R-Palmdale, as a trustworthy representative of the people of this district, Californians, and the nation as a whole.

Knight’s votes on health care, including repeal of the Affordable Care Act without offering a workable alternative, were typically irresponsible. However, Knight pleased the desires of his key donors, like big pharma. Despite the failed attempts of the GOP to kill or maim Obamacare, the premium costs for 2019 are actually lowering in most states, compared to 2018. And if not for eliminating the individual mandate, the costs would have been significantly lower. Knight and his GOP colleagues have not tackled one other aspect of unaffordable health care: the cost of prescription drugs. President Trump campaigned with a promise to take on big pharma, and negotiate for lower drug pricing, which is not currently allowed by Republican legislation enacted under Bush 43. What happened to the Big Negotiator? And why are his supporters asleep at the wheel as he violates his campaign promises? And will we be hearing boasting about the over-1,200 point drop in the Dow in the last two days? Higher interest rates and trade wars with China are blamed. There goes your tax cut advantage.

Having heard Trump rant to his adoring fans to “lock her up,” even after arguing that Bart O’Kavanaugh was unfairly treated and declared guilty without the presumption of innocence, again shows that Trump is unhinged. Then he entertained a very strange meeting with another unhinged celebrity, Kanye West. It seems to be true that birds of a feather stick together. One thing is for sure: Trump has made Halloween scary again.

Thomas Oatway


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