Tristan Maletich | Katie Hill Would Do Pelosi’s Bidding

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Katie Hill is making an assiduous attempt to ascend to the service of Nancy Pelosi and the establishment of the Democratic Party. The emerging narrative is one of a sycophant and her awe-inspiring leader. A new handmaid’s tale, so to speak.

If Hill is elected she will no doubt become the newest mouthpiece for Haight-Ashbury and the political left. Not to mention, Hill would become an additional vote for abolishing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, impeachment and the onset of barely veiled socialism.

And why wouldn’t she? With next to no practical (let alone political) experience, Hill simply would not survive in Congress without relying on her party’s increasingly radical leadership. If Hill is elected, it is all the more likely that Maxine Waters, who exhorted one of her crazed audiences to pester and assault Republicans, will become the next chair of the Financial Services Committee — as if Pelosi and Hill weren’t already enough!

We ought not fall victim to this madness. Unlike Katie Hill, Steve Knight has a lifetime of experience and has proven his willingness to be an independent voice (as when he tried to bring Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals solutions to the floor, contrary to the wishes of some in his party’s leadership).

The choice, then, is clear. Voters can choose either a handmaiden to the leaders of “resist” or an independent voice for this community. A political opportunist with no experience and morals or an Army veteran, Los Angeles Police Department officer and lifelong public servant. Someone who conjectures about solving problems or someone who has done it and has a record of legislation to prove it.

Take your pick, I most certainly have made mine.

Tristan Maletich


Editor’s note: Subsequent to the publication of this letter we were reminded that Katie Hill is on the record opposing the abolishment of ICE. Here’s the story we published on the question in July:

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