Ron Singerman | Horton Commentary Leaves Out Important Details

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Gary Horton commentary, Dec. 5.

There he goes again. Mr. Horton as usual will state a problem but leave out the most important part.

Yes, we have menial and hands-on jobs going begging. Yes, our kids are in some cases being misled in how to achieve success, pushing them to meaningless college degrees when some need to go into the high-paying trades.

Yes,we need people from south of the border to do what they do best.

However, Mr. Horton FAILS to state the most important fact in this situation. It is We The People and our leadership in Washington that should determine who and how many people we need from south of the border — not uncontrollable hordes of people demanding those jobs and our benefits.

Immigration is important. Always has been. I’m second-generation but my grandparents came through Ellis Island in 1912 with a sponsor and a job waiting.

Mr Horton, we have laws in this country. Nowhere in your diatribe did I find a comment on following those laws until they are changed in Congress.

Ron Singerman, Valencia

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