Patricia Suzanne | Backtracking, Diseases and Immigration

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
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My husband got a letter from Kaiser recently, notifying him that he would need to select a new primary care physician. It seems his doctor for many years has decided to move to Texas. Ah, yes, another California emigrant to the Lone Star State. And most fitting for a medical professional who, no doubt, cares about his own well-being and that of his family – not only economically, but also from a health perspective.

California, now home of fully one-fourth of the illegal aliens in the U.S., has become the nation’s pestilence capital!

Uncontrolled borders have brought heretofore ancient and even unknown diseases into the Los Angeles area. Leprosy. Seriously! Chagas disease. What, you never heard of it? Check the CDC website – it’s a parasitic disease primarily transmitted by insects found in Central America.

While the Left loves to equate open borders with freedom, the truth is this: Unfettered migration builds, among other things, a porous pipeline for disease. Instead of equal opportunity for all, we have equal opportunity for disease! Elites who have taught our schoolchildren to disdain Christopher Columbus because he brought European pestilence to America (thereby decimating indigenous populations) now encourage unconstrained northbound journeys of Central Americans. Do you catch the irony?

Disease is spreading through the now-infamous migrant camps just south of the border. Fox News has reported that more than a third of the 6,000 people camped in Tijuana are being treated for lice, scabies, chicken pox, hepatitis, HIV, tuberculosis and more. Wall-to-wall tents, lack of sanitation, and recent rains contribute to the squalid conditions.

All the while, Democrats continue to insist publicly that these immigrants are crime-free, disease-free, drug-free solid citizens who are simply seeking better opportunities.

While most of us can accept that the majority in these caravans are simply impoverished people looking for a better life, a significant percentage of them pose serious risks for Americans. Thousands with disease, hundreds with criminal histories or intent — drug dealers, human traffickers, thieves, sexual predators and worse. How many of these problems do you want in your community? And how many out-and-out terrorists are hiding amid the throngs?

Democrats brush these issues aside. It’s a price they’re willing to have US pay so they can import voters. The illegals coming here say they want freedom. But with freedom comes responsibility. Democrats increasingly win votes from individuals who are NOT free but are, instead, dependent on government for their well-being. The handouts in exchange for votes does not bode well for smaller government, freedom or personal responsibility.

Does today’s Democrat platform embrace open borders? It appears so. How else would you explain the dramatic change in posture Democrat leaders take today from where they stood a decade or two ago?

In 2005, then-Sen. Barack Obama said – on camera – “We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become immigrants into this country.”

In Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address, he promised to send illegal immigrants “to the back of the line behind the folks trying to come here legally.”

In 2009, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer took the hardline view President Trump holds today. During a speech at Georgetown University he said, “A primary goal of comprehensive immigration reform must be to dramatically curtail future illegal immigration.”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi also once held a radically different position from today. During a 2008 press conference, she said about illegal immigrants, “We certainly do not want any more coming in.”

In 2013, Pelosi urged the House to vote for a bill that would support “our basic principles, such as securing our borders.”

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein railed against illegal immigrants in a 1994 interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” calling border control “a federal responsibility” and acknowledging, “We simply don’t enforce our borders adequately.”

Today, she is a strong critic of President Trump’s immigration policies.

Are you sick and tired of the Open Borders lobby? Are you sick and tired of the coastal elites who have morphed an Emma Lazarus poem into federal policy (“Give me your tired, your poor…”)? Are you sick and tired of the lack of concern for homeless and struggling American citizens across this nation, among them children and veterans?

Make 2019 your year to get healthy, get energized and work hard to save our nation.

Patricia Suzanne is a professional writer, retired small business owner and conservative Republican activist. She lives in a modest Newhall home, where the money required for annual property taxes could pay a full year’s rent on a two-bedroom house in Arkansas. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among several local Republicans.

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