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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The Social Security Act has been a thorn in the GOP’s backside for years, and they feel that the Social Security Act is a burden and “the real driver of the debt.” 

There have been years of economic stagnation for the middle class, which can be partly curtailed if the super rich pay their fair share of taxes in hopes that the taxes will increase benefits for the Society Security recipients.

So many people don’t realize that the Social Security Act is a socialistic act to help retirees and poverty-stricken people to live a better life with dignity and peace of mind.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, knowing that the seniors should be protected from undue stress about money matters and that poverty-stricken people can keep their heads above water, performed an act of human kindness. 

The GOP has fought to dismantle Social Security for years for one of the reasons I explained above.

Some people on Social Security are on a fixed income, so when prices go up the amount of their Social Security checks doesn’t cover their monthly needs.

Choosing between medications and food on the table must be a harrowing feeling, and something I hope that none of you would like to be in.

Americans have spoken positively about how they feel about some of our social issues staying in place, which are socialistic, liking it or not, and they have done so by their votes in the 2019 midterms. 

Long live Social Security!

Lois Eisenberg


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