How golf imitates life


There is no greater game than golf.

It’s extremely challenging, and it can be incredibly rewarding. Your success is based on the work you put into it — in addition to the decisions you make while playing.

I believe the same things can be said about our daily lives. However, work ethic and decision making are only a couple of elements that apply to both golf and life.

Golf teaches us about the importance of being patient.

I see this frequently as a golf instructor. Golfers typically want immediate results while working on something new in their game.

If these results don’t happen immediately, the player will often start trying something else. It’s important to remain patient while working through new ideas.

Give yourself enough time to become better at what you’re working on.

Patience is also an important element in our daily lives. Without patience, we are likely to lose the motivation that is pushing us to be successful.

Success does not come easily or quickly.

Another element that applies to both golf and life is honesty. Golf is the only sport I know that does not have a referee.

When we are on the golf course, we are expected to make rulings against ourselves if a rule happens to be broken. Often, there is nobody around to see, so your honesty is always being challenged.

Honesty is important in life, as well.

As a parent, I often speak to my children about the importance of being honest. It’s not always easy — especially if you think you are going to get in trouble for telling the truth. In the end, however, being honest is a great quality to have as a golfer and a person.

Finally, I believe that discipline is a common element between golf and life.

To be a successful golfer, you must be disciplined in your preparation. When I was playing my best golf, I was extremely disciplined with my practice routine.

It wasn’t always easy to follow, but I recognized the importance of being disciplined for me to become consistent. We must be disciplined in life, as well.

Most successful people have had to be disciplined on their journey toward success.

I’m sure that each of you can think of different examples to compare golf with life. The lessons I have picked up in golf often transfer into my life, as well.

The elements I have listed are only a few of those lessons learned. I look forward to learning more in the coming years.

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