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SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

If any of us out there in society ever decide that we have had too much influx of ideas and opinions and rhetoric from all sides and we feel like turning off our brain; not to worry, the mainstream media will do our thinking for us!

Since the release of the Mueller report last week, the mainstream media has been running around like a bunch of kindergarteners on an Easter egg hunt trying to find the “Golden Egg” that will allow them to produce something to prove their deranged belief that they can still indict our president on Russian collusion and obstruction of justice.

The problem is the president has the Golden Egg because the report does not have evidence to indict him. If two years of investigation (not to mention the other investigations by the FBI and other special teams) by decidedly biased investigators could not prove anything then it is foolish to keep grasping at straws in the hopes that the results will be overturned magically.

The latest theory by the liberal left and their contributors is that the well-respected and highly ethical Attorney General William Barr is acting as an agent of coverup in this report to protect the president and that he is lying in his presentation of the Mueller report evidence.  

Funny thing, the report was released publicly to all, in lightly redacted form, and it does not go against anything Barr had said previously in his four-page summary or in his comments prior to releasing it.

Barr was not bound to release the report but he did; and the president could have exercised executive privilege (like Obama did on several occasions when it suited him) but he did not.  

President Trump not only cooperated with special counsel Robert Mueller by handing over 1.4 million pages of documents for the team to review, he also did not direct anyone of his administration or campaign to not cooperate with Mueller’s investigation. It is absurd to state otherwise. 

No actions or thoughts by the president concerning Mueller or the investigation ever hindered the special counsel’s efforts. Someone can think about robbing a bank on a whim, but if it’s not carried out then there’s no crime. Convicting people because of their thoughts or perceived intentions would put nearly every one of us in prison and set up a society like the one in “1984” by George Orwell!

The bottom line is that the liberal left and their talking puppet, the mainstream media, dislike our president so much because he is not a career politician like most and he has proven that he can help the country and bring back jobs, economic growth, make the military stronger, and work hard to protect our security by strengthening our border; all while being thwarted so much by their own internal efforts.  

They can’t stand the idea that someone with no political experience can do a better job at running the country because it undermines their image and shows their lackey, the mainstream media, to be foolish and untrue; which it does!

The left wants to control our ideas and ideals by forcing their agenda on us with their own hand-picked candidates who will do their bargaining and make it all sound like a utopia, having the government provide for all. The problem is that we-the-people are the government and we should have our own agenda provided by the candidates we want and vote for to represent us; not the other way around.

It’s time to take back our own thinking and use the logic and facts that we can all see as to what is happening around us and how we need to make our own self assessment as to how we want our country to continue to grow and prosper and bring about the policies that have greatly helped our own well-being so much over the last two years. If we allow the mainstream media to continue to feed us misguided principles and their judgments, as if they are truths, instead of doing our own homework, then we will fall victim to a terrible consequence that will be too late to change once the final bell rings.

This opinion is submitted by a conservative voter, independent thinker and supporter of valued truths

Chris Allen is a Santa Clarita resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among several local Republicans.

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