Duane Mooring | Should Anyone Celebrate the Mueller Report

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Letters to the Editor
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I rarely get to hear a Democrat’s view on the Mueller report, but I have seen, heard and read about what Republicans think that Democrats think about the report (even though we haven’t seen the full report yet). I, for one, never expected to see an indictment of the president and I was surprised during the past two years at the number of people close to the president who were indicted. 

It has been a fascinating reveal into the president’s inner circle and into the president’s operations and thinking. I was expecting to see at least a ceremonial move in Congress to impeach the president. Entirely outside the Mueller investigation, it has always appeared to me that emoluments clause violations, assault on the First Amendment, constant lying, demagoguery, moral turpitude and obstruction of justice were enough for impeachment. 

In the eyes of the law, maybe an indictment or conviction might be tough, but the office of president demands higher standards than just not being in jail. I remember Republican congressmen arguing that Bill Clinton’s moral failings were enough to evict him from the White House. 

The Mueller report being held as vindication? That’s a real stretch. I don’t see cause for celebration — by either party.

Duane Mooring, Castaic

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