Duane Mooring | ‘The Personal Cost of Lying’

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In response to Byron York’s column on April 24, “The Personal Cost of the Russia Probe.” Once again, Byron wants to tweak a headline and make a simplistic argument to counter a truth about his Donald Trump. The title of his column should be, “The Personal Cost of Lying and Obfuscating When Under a Probe.”

I remember vividly Donald Trump standing before the cameras saying he had no connection whatsoever with Russia and denying that he had any business dealings or any interest in Russia. After the connections were shown and reported on, President Trump finally admitted that he did actively consider business dealings with Russia well into his 2016 campaign. It was a BIG lie, but big lies are now quite routinely normalized for Donald Trump. Lies hardly make any kind of news at all now. We accept them. I wouldn’t, however, expect law enforcement and the Justice Department to be snowed by lies as the public is, and I’m happy to see that the Mueller probe was completed. The public is, once again, snowed by Trump and associates (now inside the Justice Department) that the probe “exonerated” the president and was a waste of time. 

While Trump’s sensitivity regarding Russia remains a mystery, the extent of Russian participation in the U.S. election is now quite clear thanks to the probe. 

Duane Mooring


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