Tiger Woods sees green

Tiger Woods recently won the 2019 Masters tournament, which netted him his fifth Green Jacket. Graphics by Metro Creative and PGATOUR.com. Design by Erik Luna/The Signal

There are certain events that happen in our lifetime that we will never forget.

For me, many of these events revolve around sports. I’ll never forget sitting on my living room floor watching Kirk Gibson hit his home run in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series.

I’ll never forget watching my beloved Denver Broncos win their first Super Bowl in 1998 from the All-Star Cafe in Times Square. And, I’ll never forget sitting with my golf team watching Tiger Woods win the 2019 Masters.

Woods has won the Masters!

Can you believe it? If you have any pulse at all, you had to be excited to see the return of Woods and his Green Jacket — five of them to be exact.

I’m not sure if it can be considered as the greatest comeback in the history of sports, but it’s a remarkable comeback, nonetheless.

Prior to last season, I admit that I was skeptical if Woods would ever return to become a relevant player on the PGA Tour. We had no reason to believe that he would. We’ve all heard the stories about how he couldn’t get out of bed in the morning because of his back.

And now, after a successful anterior lumbar interbody fusion surgery, Woods is officially back.

When Woods won the Tour Championship last season, it was a sign that he might possibly return to win another major championship. Could it happen? Possibly. Would it happen? We could only hope. Did it happen? Yes, it did.

The moment I felt the return was real was when Woods hit his tee shot on the 16th hole on Sunday afternoon. He had just taken the outright lead with his two-putt for birdie on No. 15.

Moments later, Woods flushed an 8-iron onto the 16th green to within 3-feet of the hole. It was reminiscent of Jack Nicklaus in 1986, which is another moment I’ll never forget.

The ball landed on the slope and rolled just past the edge of the cup.

THAT was when I knew that Woods was going to win the tournament.

Watching Woods hug his son and daughter after his victory was a sign that he has changed.

He’s more relatable. He has struggled through some hard times. And, he has worked his way back to becoming a major champion.

If you love golf, you must love this story. Woods is back, and Nicklaus better look out for his major championships record.

There is a real possibility now that Woods might win a 19th major championship to eclipse Nicklaus’ record.

It just seems destined to happen.

Woods has always embraced the spotlight, and he is going to receive plenty of attention in the coming months.

I am hoping he wins another major this year.

How about you?

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