Turn those leftover Easter eggs into deviled eggs


When Easter is over and all the eggs have been found, what DO you do with all

those hardboiled eggs? Egg salad is a natural, but how many egg salad sandwiches can you realistically eat? Deviled eggs are delicious and can be a great use of all those eggs.

Trendy restaurants are now offering deviled egg appetizers featuring ingredients like caviar and smoked salmon. Deep fried deviled eggs are another popular modern twist.

If you fondly remember your mom’s deviled eggs and would like some simple updated recipes, read on!

All recipes will start with a dozen hard boiled eggs.

Peel the eggs (my least favorite part) and slice lengthwise.

Scoop out the egg yolk and mash in a mixing bowl. (Hint: A potato masher is a great way to smash the egg yolks to achieve a smooth and silky deviled egg mix.)

Add remaining ingredients. Mix, fill the egg whites and decorate as outlined below. If you are adept with using a pastry bag, pipe the mashed egg yolk mixture into the egg white halves using a star, or other decora- tive tip.

Personally, I just spoon it in. Pastry bags and I don’t get along.

Note: These recipes all call for the use of real mayonnaise, if you use a mayo substitute, or Miracle Whip, it will change the taste of the recipe.

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