A day to celebrate the sport

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This past Wednesday was National Golf Day. The day is meant, primarily, to recognize the economic impact that golf makes throughout the world.

Did you realize that golf raises more than $4 billion annually through charitable contributions? That is a staggering number, and it’s just further proof of how incredible this game truly is.

But National Golf Day should be about much more than just the economic impact the game has. It should also serve as a day to recognize the social impact golf has on all of us involved.

Golf has the unique ability to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together. That is a reason to celebrate National Golf Day. What other sport allows young kids to interact so closely with their elders?

Perhaps the greatest way to experience this is to show up to a public golf course on a weekend as a single golfer. Ask to be paired with a group and see what comes up.

It could be anybody. That’s the beauty of it all.

I can’t recall how many times I was paired with random groups when I was a junior golfer at a public golf course. The experience was always different, and it was almost always a great time.

National Golf Day is also an opportunity to recognize the impact that the game has on our youth. Golf teaches our youth important life lessons, including patience, fairness and honesty. These attributes apply not only on the golf course but off the course, as well.

Golf is a difficult game to learn, and the ability to persevere through this process is a direct reflection to the character of the individual.

As mentioned before, National Golf Day is primarily designated as a day to recognize the economic impact the game of golf has throughout the world. This impact can be seen on a much smaller scale locally.

All you must do is visit any private golf club on a Monday, and you’ll most likely find a charity fundraiser tournament taking place. These fundraisers benefit organizations, schools and churches.

We all have different reasons why we love the game of golf. Perhaps you love the challenge, perhaps you love the camaraderie with your friends, or perhaps you just love being outdoors.

Whatever the reason may be, National Golf Day is a day to recognize this game as the greatest game in the world.

We should all appreciate the opportunity we have to enjoy this amazing game.

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