Eileen Blankenhorn | Disgusting Sofas

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Over six months ago I noticed two sofas that were dumped at (a shopping center) in Valencia. I have called the landlord three times and the city of Santa Clarita twice. The city personnel told me it’s private property, but that they would contact the owners. That was over a month ago. The sofas have now deteriorated to the point that there are rats living in them. I’m shocked that none of the tenants have been screaming about this disgusting lack of pride in their business or the health hazard it is posing to all around. Will someone please get results from the owners of the property?

Eileen Blankenhorn


Editor’s note: You did the right thing in calling the city of Santa Clarita, and specifically we would recommend contacting the city’s Code Enforcement Department. However, they can only take action if there is a specific code that has been violated.

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