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The City of Santa Clarita is constantly buzzing with community programs, exciting events and innovative projects. These efforts are all aimed at enhancing the quality of life for our residents. With all of these exciting activities going on, people often ask … what’s the best way to stay up-to-date with everything that is happening in Santa Clarita? While our website holds a plethora of information, I always note the City’s social media accounts as being an accessible and timely way to receive information about upcoming events, programs and more.

From road construction updates to volunteer opportunities and special events, to safety tips, the City’s social media pages touch on every aspect of our City. By clicking the “follow” button on any of our various pages, residents will gain access to the City in a new, all-inclusive way.

Through our social media pages, the City aims to inform residents about what is going on in Santa Clarita, but also offer an everyday, behind-the-scenes perspective of what it takes to run our amazing City. Want to know how the construction is progressing on the new Canyon Country Community Center? Just check our social media pages. Maybe you are curious about which acts will be at Concerts in the Park this year? We share information on that as well. Whatever you want to know about the City, chances are, you will find it on one of our websites or social media ages.

With today’s ever-changing media landscape, we want to take advantage of all the ways we can connect with our community. Being able to reply to direct messages and respond to comments on our social media pages have become another way for the City to engage with our residents.

If you have questions about specific content on the City’s pages, City staff members are happy to provide a reply. By participating in this two-way form of communication, the City is able to learn about and address the needs of our residents in a way that is unprecedented.

With summer quickly approaching, now is a good a time to start following the City’s social media (if you are not already). We will be sharing updates on all of the exciting ways you and your family can stay busy this summer. These activities include Santa Clarita Public Library’s Summer Reading Program, the annual Summer Bash event, the City’s Beach Bus program, Concerts in the Park and so much more!

Now that you know all about what the City’s social media pages have to offer, I invite you to hit that “follow” button and connect with us! The City is active across multiple platforms including Facebook (@cityofsantaclarita), Twitter (@santaclarita), Instagram (@cityofsantaclarita) and Youtube (@santaclarita), among others! For a full list of all City social media pages, please visit                     

Mayor Marsha McLean is a member of the Santa Clarita City Council and can be reached at
[email protected].

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