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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: May 22 article, Sand Canyon Country Club:

As a participant in the tour of the proposed Sand Canyon Country Club property referenced in the article, I wanted to offer a slightly different take than the headline of the article suggests. 

While there were certainly opponents to the project in attendance, there were also an equal number of us who support this bold and visionary plan.

There are few Angelenos who live south of the 101 freeway who have the slightest idea that Santa Clarita exists. This is the type of venue that will certainly bring attention to our area — attention that will increase employment, bring additional revenue to our local businesses, and most certainly bring much-needed tax revenue into the city coffers. 

Developers today do not act in the “Robert Moses mode” of the 1950s. Between thoughtful planning and the sapient oversight of the Santa Clarita Planning Commission, I have every confidence the completed project will lend itself perfectly to the surrounding environment. A property of this nature can be built without jeopardizing the existing aesthetic. Similar properties exist in exclusive enclaves of the west side of Los Angeles, Ojai, Orange County and Santa Barbara. These properties elevate the stature of surrounding areas. They do not take away from it, or degrade it in any way. 

This is a win-win for our city. The jobs created with the building of the hotel, combined with the long-term employment, will provide a sustained boost to our local economy.

James Trabucco, Canyon Country

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