Albert Bigelow | Swallowing the Pap, No Solutions

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Tuesday (July 9) Lois Eisenberg teed off (again) at the Trump Administration. I’d like to make a few observations on this topic.

First, Lois swallows all the pap being put out by (politicians) like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez regarding conditions, like (border detainees) drinking toilet water. But Lois completely ignores the rebuttal from Homeland Security and other unbiased sources.

Secondly, the conditions at the border need to get fixed. That’s for sure. But when we are inundated with 100,000 migrants every month, new solutions are needed!

Third, Congress, past and present, failed to address the problem. Border agents are confronted with criminals, sick and ill-intentioned unvetted people.

Fourth, don’t prattle about humanitarianism. It’s got to have some limits. I believe only about 20% of these migrants are being granted asylum. It’s been reported that 35,000 African migrants are heading north through Mexico. When will humanitarians say, “Enough”?

Fifth, as if conditions aren’t bad enough, Rep. Veronica Escobar, D-Texas, is sending staff to Mexico to coach migrants how to “game the system.”

Sixth, even Eisenberg must assign some blame to the parents for putting their children into these conditions. By the way, we know some kids are “rented”!

Finally, where/when do we draw the line? If 20% of China’s poor and 30% of India’s migrate here, we’re looking at 650 million wishful folks filling these camps!

Lois, what is shameful is politicizing this problem without suggestions on fixing it!

Albert Bigelow


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