Barry Parikh | Industrial Facilities Need to Move

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am writing you as a resident of Santa Clarita, concerned citizen and as a senior.

We have a beautiful new SCV senior center on Golden Valley Road. Thanks to all donors and volunteers who made this possible.

Behind the senior center, on the other side of the Santa Clara River, we have a recycling center, cement factory etc. As an active member of the senior center I visit often for different activities, volunteer work, etc. Some days outside the center it is dusty, noisy, smelly. Some days the smell is so bad that I cannot walk through the parking lot. Some days it is so dusty that I have trouble breathing.

At one time the location of (these facilities) was OK because our city was too small and they were outside the city. Now, as our city grew, they are inside the city. Now it causes major environmental concerns. They are a source of revenue for many years and we don’t want to lose them, but they need to move outside the city. The city can help assist them in finding a new suitable location. 

Barry Parikh

Santa Clarita

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