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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In response to Byron York’s column on July 3, “Anti-Trump Fever Gets Toxic”: Guess what? The nonsense from Mr. York continues. In what kind of alternate universe would anti-Trump fever not be toxic and get more toxic the longer he continues his assaults on decency? 

What posture should we take while Trump jokes with Vladimir Putin about attacking our elections, while brand new credible reports of sexual assault surface, while he appears to defy the Supreme Court and tweets that he intends to pursue a citizenship question on the census after the court ruled against it, while he defies the majority of Americans and pursues rolling tanks through Washington, D.C., during Fourth of July celebrations, while he refuses to let up on his attacks on immigrants, while he keeps a ragged, shrinking, bewildered administration guessing his intent, while he continues to lie daily and attack the majority of the press? 

Should we cower and expose our throats in submission? Demurely, politely, quietly and civilly let it all happen before our eyes? 

The July 4 of 1776 was about freeing our nation from the whims of a single mad king and now we move toward a single mad president running rough-shod over all the separate powers designed to prevent the country from falling under the power of one man. 

“Perhaps our politics will cool down at some point in the future,” Byron writes. 

Yes, the day this toxic president leaves office is the only future date after which our politics could possibly cool down.

Duane Mooring


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