Lois Eisenberg | A Real Humanitarian Need

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Children at the border are being deprived of humanitarian attention.

These border children are being held at the detention facilities longer than the legal limit. They are lacking toothbrushes, soap, blankets, etc., and adequate nutrition with limited showers and toilets for the mass number of children who are being detained.

This is a cruel policy being enforced by the Trump administration, which started out without a plan on how to take care of these border children.

We are living in an era where cruelty and apathy are accepted.

These facts identify America under this administration as cruelty running rampant in this glorious country of ours, which is not acceptable.

Trying to help people and saving lives is not wrong, but to some it is a crime.

Our set of values as humanitarians are being ridiculed, and being compassionate is not a crime.

When a country with an open democracy condemns a humanitarian act, what is to become of that country and its people?

Humanitarianism itself is on trial due to Trump and his administration.

Nastiness is defining our age when human life is not valued over political issues.

The word humanitarian is not a dirty word. It’s a person promoting human welfare and showing interest in and concern for the welfare of another, and to this I say, amen.

When an act of humanitarianism is considered bad or sinful, then we as Americans should take notice and not allow this to happen.

How can anyone not be a humanitarian to these border children? 

And to this I say, shameful!

Lois Eisenberg


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