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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In response to John Boston’s column on Aug. 9, “Shall We Merrily Move to Impeach Rep. Katie Hill?” Despite John Boston’s exceptional gift for writing and humor, he insists on dissing half his audience with inexplicably witless political diatribes against Democrats. Let me explain to Mr. Boston that the Steele dossier and the Mueller report are not the point and don’t necessarily concern the need for the country to impeach Donald Trump. The framers of the Constitution were intentionally vague on what would constitute the “crimes and misdemeanors” required for impeachment. The framers were specific, however, in naming the people’s representatives as the only line of defense to protect our republic from an unqualified, ineffective, dishonest president. 

Just look at what this president has done to harm our republic. Donald Trump could have lowered taxes for the rich, nominated or appointed conservative judges, reformed immigration, relaxed government regulations – all without demonizing Democrats, daily insulting most of his friends and foes alike, obstructing justice and showing obvious bias toward his image and ego over his job requirement to act for the good of the country. Pathological lying and demagoguery are “high crimes and misdemeanors.” They are crimes because they harm the country and turn the people against one another. That’s a very clear violation of the president’s oath of office. 

Mr. Boston himself has stooped to demagoguery just like Trump has. For instance: “Your investigators all ended up being financial contributors to Hillary and YOU STILL COULDN’T FIND ANYTHING.” 

It didn’t have to be Robert Mueller’s report pointing out almost a dozen instances of obstruction of justice – Mueller simply documented the president’s own words and actions that were largely public knowledge. What part of Mr. Mueller’s clear words that he was not authorized to bring any charges against the president did Mr. Boston not understand? Mr. Mueller testified for hours repeating that the facts were documented in his report and that it was left to Congress to draw conclusions. THIS IS NOT EXONERATION! Mr. Trump and his growing army of yes-men cannot change the facts. And yet – they do. Robert Mueller did an amazing job of staying out of the politics. The new attorney general acting now as Trump’s yes-man jumped immediately on the political bandwagon, claiming that the facts in the Mueller report exonerated the president on all levels. History will show that the facts were laid out for Congress apolitically and Congress failed (so far) to live up to its constitutional responsibility. 

How silly can you get, John? “They found nothing, nada, zeroes piled atop zeroes stretching to the next galaxy.” Where has your head been, John? Stuck in the sand?

Duane Mooring


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