Jim Horton | The Government We Deserve?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Why do we elect fools? It has been said many times that a society deserves the government that they have. Hitler said this about the German people. I don’t know for certain but it seems that people go out of their way to commit FOLLY. Folly is defined as doing something that is not in you best interest. We see examples of this all the time and as we watch, we see the left turn more extreme.

Common sense tells us that to follow the extreme path will be the destruction of the things that we hold dear, but you have seen it played out in California. We have stacked our state house with such a collection of fools that nothing constructive can get done.

For those of you who appreciate irony, please note that the high priest of global warming, former President Obama, is now negotiating for an estate on Martha’s Vineyard for $14.8 million, at sea level. When it comes right down to it, it seems that he doesn’t believe the seas will rise after all. And you do have to wonder where all his money has come from. 

Solyndra, anyone?

Jim Horton


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