Matthew Palmer | JCOZ Would Provide Needed Jobs

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Recently, the City Council of Santa Clarita looked over an ordinance for the creation of the jobs creation overlay zone (JCOZ). 

This project’s goal is to provide two jobs for every new unit of housing constructed. The JCOZ also has goals to provide incentives for industrial and office projects that meet certain requirements to be constructed through a streamlined permitting process. 

It creates eight areas where it will take place. These areas are where there is freeway access for easy access and transportation of goods. 

I believe that this ordinance should be approved by the City Council because it would provide the city with much-needed jobs for its inhabitants and also allow for more businesses to come to the city. 

There is a lot of construction of new housing within the city, and I believe that with the influx of people moving here, the demand for more jobs is growing. The ordinance will create those jobs and bring in more business within the city limits. 

The JCOZ would affect properties of pre-existing development agreements, including the Rye Canyon Business Park and the Gate-King Industrial Park. 

A study on JCOZ found that there would be no significant environmental impact caused by it. The ordinance also came with 12 letters of support from local businesses and organizations.

Matthew Palmer 


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