Brian Richards | Democrats Writing Trump Commercials

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Letters to the Editor
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Signal readers, if you missed last week’s Democrat debate, and by the ratings numbers almost all of you did, there were a number of proposals that caught my ear.

First, a question was asked of Mayor Pete Buttigieg if he thought compensation was owed to illegal immigrants that were separated at the border when apprehended. Not only did Buttigieg support reparations for those who tried to illegally gain entry into our country, he also supported fast-tracking their citizenship. By his reasoning, American taxpayers would be monetarily liable to people illegally seeking entry into this country and be indebted to them in the form of money AND citizenship.

Not to be outdone, a question was asked of former Vice President Joe Biden about energy and jobs. The question essentially made the point that America for the last three administrations had enjoyed economic success built in large part by expanding our energy production, and would he as president sacrifice up to several hundred thousand jobs in the energy sector in exchange for enhancing the “green” agenda. He not only answered in the affirmative, but also he did so enthusiastically. The very blue collar job holders that Biden is touting as his so-called moderate base would lose their jobs in many cases under the Biden administration. Good-paying jobs and jobs enhancing our national security and interests would be eliminated at the altar of Green under President Biden. That’s some sacrifice he’s asking of people.

And finally, nobody is going to show up Sen. Elizabeth Warren in the race to Crazytown. Warren promised once a year go to the Rose Garden and read out the names of all transgender women and people of color (not sure if this is two groups or just one) who have been murdered the prior year. I’m not really even sure how to respond to this but apparently it’s something that would require a yearly press conference in the Rose Garden for President Warren. I’m unaware how many transgender women of color are murdered each year and I’m not trying to diminish anyone being murdered, but aren’t all murder victims due the attention and acknowledgment of the president? I’m not sure how transgender men feel about this or transgender men of color, but to me it’s symptomatic of just how far the left will go to divide this country into a thousand tiny boxes, each to be pandered to for the appropriate amount of time.

 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I understand that people don’t like President Trump, I really do! However, who but the most crazy and far left would support any of the three things above? How can anyone applaud the attention these “issues” get in a presidential debate over far more weighty issues? There are lots of things that are important to Americans, but the left’s focus on things that wouldn’t make the top 100 — Biden’s idea would crack the top 500 in my opinion — is why they will not beat Trump in November. The things they talk about may be stylish and cool in Santa Monica and Manhattan, but the majority of Americans think it’s lunacy in my opinion. Democrats almost seem to want to lose and they seem blissfully unaware that they’re writing the president’s campaign commercials for him.

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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