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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

We received congressional candidate Steve Knight’s latest mailer and it could not be more deceitful or misleading. First, Knight has not been strong on illegal immigration as he now indicates. However, more egregious is the rest of the mailer.

The declaration that Knight “voted with President Trump’s policies 99% of the time” is a new and convenient stance for him, as he has been quite open about not supporting this president. There’s plenty of evidence to prove that. Knight’s votes may have been in line with Trump’s policies at times, but it’s disingenuous to link such voting as standing for and with President Trump.

Knight alleges fellow candidate Mike Garcia did not vote for Trump in 2016. Garcia voted for Trump in the 2016 primary and has been open about why he was unable to cast a vote — for anyone — in the 2016 general election. He has explained it repeatedly, but obviously, this fact needs to be restated. 

In 2016, Mike Garcia was an executive with a global company and he was called out of state to negotiate a multi-billion-dollar contract. The process took longer than expected, thus he was absent on voting day. Such monumental business procedures do not culminate casually or at the whim of one party to the contract. Further, Garcia had not requested a mail-in ballot because an absence was not anticipated.

It’s quite conspicuous that in prior campaigns Knight did not attack any opponents, including the Democrats, but now chooses to malign a fellow Republican.  

Lastly, referencing something then-presidential candidate Trump said, Knight stated (Oct. 8, 2016), “And after serious consideration, I have decided that I cannot support either candidate for president.”  There is the admission in black and white that Knight intentionally did not vote for Trump in the 2016 general election.

Knight’s mailer says, “We can’t trust Mike Garcia to stand with President Trump.” 

Seeing the dishonesty of the mailer, clearly it’s Knight we cannot trust.

Donna Jean Lee, Debbie & John Heys, Meg & Bill Reynolds, Sandra Guluzza, Lynne & Carl Raggio, Betty & Frank Arenson, Mary Ree, Jim Lentini, Dan Werner, Jim Fox, Gwendolyn Sims, Bernie Ellrodt, Jim Farley, Dianne Curtis, Paige & John Weaver, Sherry & Richard Green, Morris Thomas, Nils Grevillius, Kim Gillette, Natalie Doane,  John W. Smith, David Lusian

25th District constituents

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