Great activities to embrace this spring


Spring arrives in the Northern Hemisphere on March 19, bringing with it visions of more hours of sunshine, warmer temperatures and ample opportunities to embrace the great outdoors. 

Come mid-March, people who live in climates marked by cold winters have no doubt been anticipating spring fun in the sun for some time. Once spring arrives, the following make for some great activities.


Come spring, various sports fill up afternoon and weekend schedules. Whether these are professional sports or youth sports leagues, the games can be a great way to spend time outdoors in the fresh, suddenly warmer air.

Visit an orchard

Spring is a season when many berries, such as strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries, begin to ripen. Find your local pick-your-own establishment to spend a day having fun (and getting a little messy) grabbing sweet berries for salads, jams and pies.

Hit the links

It’s time to dust off the clubs and play the greens at any of the thousands of golf courses in North America. The National Golf Federation says the United States is home to around 15,000 courses. The warmer temperatures are ideal for practicing your short game on the putting green or for playing all 18 holes.

Get the patio ready for entertaining

Clean off the patio furniture or start shopping for new items. This is just the start of the outdoor entertaining season, and it pays to refresh the deck or patio and invest in some quality furniture to keep guests comfortable.

Plan a vacation

Many schools go on a hiatus for a week or two during the spring, prompting otherwise busy families to get away for some R&R. Book early to score the best deals on hotel rooms and flights.

Prepare gardening equipment

Before long, the grass will need mowing and the shrubbery will have to be pruned. Ensure that lawn and garden tools and equipment are in top form before they are called into action. Stock up on fuel for gas mowers and sharpen those pruning shears.

Visit a local garden

Enjoy the sights at a garden when the first spring blooms start to peek out of the soil. Spring is known for tulips, daffodils, crocuses, and snowdrops. 

Give your bike a tune-up

Take your bike out of storage and give it a once-over. Now is the time to put air in the tires, grease the chain and make sure that the brakes and other equipment are working properly. Most bike helmet manufacturers recommend replacing helmets every three years, even if you haven’t been in a crash. That’s because the polystyrene foam can degrade over time from environmental exposure.

Visit a farm

Many farm animals give birth in the spring. Children may be excited to see piglets, foals, kids, and all the other adorable young animals draw their first breaths.

Spring’s arrival presents the perfect opportunity to reacquaint oneself with the great outdoors. (MC)

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