Albert Bigelow | Too Much Pork from Pelosi, Schumer

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Editor’s note: This letter was received before the COVID-19 relief bill was passed and signed. 

President Trump has received a lot of criticism for the way his administration is handling this crisis.

Too many Monday morning quarterbacks find fault with the slow ramping up of test kits, masks, ventilators, etc.

These second guessers love to turn over a rock and find a response that’s less than perfect.

We don’t elect perfect presidents. POTUS’ response has been remarkable in enlisting industry: whiskey makers are converting to alcohol, clothing firms are producing masks, the Budweiser brewery in Van Nuys is making alcohol, drug companies are accelerating their research and others are working overtime to produce ventilators.

Trump has diverted two hospital ships and stripped military supplies of material needed to fight the virus.

Trump took a lot of flack for shutting down visitors from China, and later Europe. Now we know that was a GREAT action.

Now, let’s look at his opponents. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer delayed approval of the critical $2 trillion bill.

As of this writing, the Senate passed it last night and it’s on its way to the House. Nancy is following another liberal who believes “never let a crisis go to waste”! Here are FIVE unrelated items Pelosi is/was demanding: $35 million for Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, $1 billion for “Obamaphones,” mandating fuel efficiency standards for airplanes, trying (before it got caught) funding for Planned Parenthood, and (missing in her final draft) amnesty for illegal immigrants!

There are several things wrong with the Senate bill, but this PORK is coming from the House. 

It’s time to focus on ONE issue and get it to the president.

Albert Bigelow


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