Mark Hershey | Horton, Stop Drinking the Hater-Ade

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Letters to the Editor
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Dear Gary Horton: I don’t like being quarantined, either. Apparently, you get even more nasty and unreasonable when you are cramped up. In spite of your allegations (March 25), President Trump is acting smartly and timely to protect the welfare of our country’s people. He is a man of action. Our president is receiving counsel from the best medical minds on ways to pause the spread of COVID-19, reduce risk to Americans, and how best to fight it. 

Gary, it’s very apparent you have become unreasonably comfortable with the hate you hold for our president from the vast negative, bitter, one-sided propaganda you so often write about. No doubt your world of information comes from only the equally disdainful and misinformed majority of our television news that’s not news at all, but opinion broadcasts. Remember that hate is a terrible negative emotion that wastes your energy and only harms others. Stop drinking the bitter blends and research deeper. 

The coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China, in late 2019. On Jan. 30, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak to be a health emergency of international concern. On Jan. 31, Trump banned foreign nationals from entering the U.S. if they were in China within the prior two weeks. Unfortunately, our representatives were so consumed with impeachment for several months they were not focused and not considering Americans. They ignored the dangerous virus problem in China, clearly ignoring the looming health threat breathing down upon us. 

The House impeached the president Dec. 18. However, Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her prosecution team delayed the delivery of impeachment articles to the Senate until Jan. 10. The Senate trial began Jan. 16 and ended on Feb. 5 with an acquittal; impeachment failed. However, by now, the outbreak was a worldwide public health emergency. All of that time was detrimental but the Democrat-dominated House could not have cared less. 

Trump banned all travel from 26 European countries on March 11, declaring a national emergency over the coronavirus outbreak. At the same time, most states, including California, ordered residents to observe a shelter at home stance and/or even stiffer quarantine mandates. Trump was proactive in requesting legislation to combat the coronavirus outbreak and to provide financial support for citizens and businesses that have and are losing income during the ongoing quarantine safety period. 

The Senate passed a massive $2.2 trillion stimulus package on March 25 by a vote of 96-0. It was in place to pass earlier, but once again, Pelosi had to obstruct and interfere the process with ridiculous non-related trash; Planned Parenthood abortion, illegal residents aid, multi-millions for “the arts” and more.

Pelosi and her Democratic support team demanded billions of dollars to promote and add partisan amendments to the package, which will further delay desperately needed funding for medical research and emergency supplies for hospitals and health care workers, as well as money for citizens who lost jobs and the businesses that were required to shut down. All of them urgently need it sooner rather than later. 

Like you, I am not a doctor, but I hope these stay-at-home measures slow down the virus and minimize our citizens being inflicted with the disease or worse, dying from it. Though I detest the discomfort of staying at home and the horrific damage being done to our economy, I know the president and his expert advisors are making the best decisions possible to protect all Americans and mitigate this terrible outbreak. 

Every night, I pray to God for relief from this virus. God bless America.. 

Mark Hershey


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