Jeri Boyd | Garcia Misfires on Reproductive Rights

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In a video interview last month, congressional candidate Mike Garcia stated his position on women’s reproductive rights, unapologetically: “I’m pro-life without exception.” When asked about the issue elsewhere, he said he doesn’t believe women’s reproductive choices will be eliminated in California, so we shouldn’t focus on that issue. Yet he wants to represent us women in Congress.

Those are just two examples of Garcia’s cruel and extreme views that are harmful to women. It’s no wonder that he’s a big supporter of a Trump administration that is working to repeal Roe v. Wade to limit women’s reproductive rights.

Christy Smith will be a tireless advocate for the women of our district, making sure our rights are protected and our voices heard.

Christy has fought to protect women’s right to make the health care decisions that are best for them. She also supports access to affordable, quality health care and paid family leave. 

She will fight to expand access to affordable child care and universal preschool. Christy understands that when barriers are removed for women and their families, all will thrive.

Soon the voters of the 25th Congressional District have our own important choice to make. Will we send an extremist to Congress to erode women’s rights to make decisions about their own bodies and families, or will we send a fierce advocate for the rights of all women and families to represent us in Washington?

The choice is clear. Vote by mail for Christy Smith for Congress by May 12.

Jeri Boyd


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