Dick Cesaroni | A Solution for Homelessness?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Between the years of 1942-1945, 10 internment camps were opened in California per the instructions of the U.S. government where thousands of Japanese-American citizens were rounded up and interred. They were arrested and trucked out to the desert with the clothes on their backs. Their crime? They just happened to be born Japanese. As far as I have been able to determine they were all U.S. citizens living the good life in America.

Most owned businesses and their own homes and paid taxes and loved America.

I apologize to all the Japanese Americans who experienced this tragedy and their families. I only hope that most of the emotional scars have healed and, if not, then I apologize again.

Recently U. S. District Judge David O. Carter ordered the city of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County to move the homeless off the streets, especially those who were living under or near street/freeway overpasses.

In the judge’s order there was one phrase that caught my eye. He ordered them to supply housing options such as “government encampments.” 

I take this to mean that the city of L.A, and the county are permitted to reconstruct encampments like Manzanar to harbor these miscreants.

With the millions and possibly billions of dollars flowing down from the state of California and the federal government, the city and county should have no problem reconstructing these internment camps and moving ALL the homeless into them.

There would be shelters, houses or barracks, if you will, with running water, electricity, toilets, etc. All the comforts of home and a lot more comfortable than living under a bridge.

If they so desire, they (the homeless) can choose to sleep inside in a nice warm and comfortable bed, or outside, and use their needles, defecate and urinate on the ground and just do as they please.

They will be given the opportunity to live or die as they choose.

If they want to form their own form of government, then allow them that opportunity or whatever they choose to do with their lives.

I am sick and tired of our tax dollars going out to provide everything for these creatures. If they do not want to live like human beings, then that is their prerogative.

With all the money from the various cities and other government entities there should be enough to create this homeless city.

Let the homeless start doing something creative.

Allow them to improvise, adapt and overcome.

Just think of all the military men and women worldwide who are fighting to keep this country free and open. Fighting against socialism and communism. Think of them.

The homeless will have better accommodations than those in the war living in foxholes and trenches day and night.

The homeless will be living the good life versus what our military are doing. If they choose. 

Its a damn good start and it’s in compliance with the orders of a federal judge.

Oh! I am sure all the bleeding hearts and tree huggers and socialist sob sisters will be wailing about this suggestion, but I say, “Let them eat cake” or bring home a homeless person and wrap your arms around them and keep them safe and warm and clean until they are ready to return to society with some social redeeming value.

God love America. 

One tax-payer’s opinion.

Dick Cesaroni


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