Lois Eisenberg | What About Our Seniors?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Isolation is not helping senior citizens. They deserve better.

The rest of society is opening up with no interest in modifying or lifting the shutdown of our seniors. There is a good reason for this shutdown, because the government doesn’t want residents of care facilities to die, but the “horse is out of the barn” and it puts the government in a bad light. Unfortunately, some residents have become inactive, immobile, delirious, disoriented, depressed and terrified, which should be disconcerting to us all. On the rise are suicides, especially young people who are our future after the seniors won’t be able to perform as good citizens and patriots.

The loss of these young people and our seniors could only be of the tip of an iceberg. Seniors in isolation will cause many more deaths than COVID-19. The survival of these seniors can only be achieved by them socializing with their peers. These seniors deserve a better way of life in their golden years. They are from the great generation that brought this country back from the abyss of the Great Depression, and they endured World War II with energy, fortitude and patriotism. 

They have to be taken into consideration for a better way of life for what they have done for this country, the American people and the rest of the world. Someday the golden years will catch up with you and at that time you will be deserving of a better way of life.

Lois Eisenberg
Santa Clarita

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