Ruth Baker | Why No Respect Is Shown

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Letters to the Editor
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In her letter published on Saturday, Roberta Dey demands that we “show a little respect already,” stating Donald Trump deserves it because he was elected president. I had respected the office of the president, not because of the office, itself, but because the person who held it earned my respect by leading by example and respecting those whom he served. That changed on Jan. 20, 2017.

I cannot respect a person who:

Started the untrue birther movement, showing no respect to then-President Barack Obama.

Continuously belittles people with demeaning names… Lyin’ Ted, Little Marco, Pochahontas, Psycho Joe, Low Energy Jeb. 

Insulted prisoner of war and war hero, John McCain, saying he likes people “who weren’t captured.”

Belittled Gold Star parents, like Capt. Humayun Khan’s, saying the captain’s mother didn’t talk because she was “subservient.”

Shows no respect for freedom of the press, attacks reporters for asking questions, refers to our media as the enemy of the people, calls it fake news, and uses derogatory terms about news outlets.

Praised a congressman for body-slamming a reporter.

Has been denounced by respected members of the military, including Gen. James Mattis and Gen. John Kelly, who were in his administration. 

Declared war on black athletes because of their politics, telling the NFL owners that protests were “a very winning, strong issue” for his reelection. 

Calls constituents like me, who happen to be Democrats, deranged, spiteful and vicious.

It’s time for Trump to grow up, act like a person who respects the Constitution he swore to uphold, and represent the constituents he promised to serve. Maybe then, I’ll be able to show a little respect.

Ruth Baker


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