Christian Dadulak | Impressed by Wilk’s Integrity

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Letters to the Editor
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Yard signs, TV commercials and countless Facebook posts from all sorts of candidates: The election is near! Frankly, I usually can’t stand politics. 

But in today’s hyper-partisan world full of pointless theatrics and outrageous stunts to gain attention, I think it’s important for us to acknowledge the non-headline-grabbing work some of our elected officials have done. 

A prime example is state Sen. Scott Wilk’s work to help connect unemployed individuals with necessary benefits. 

Throughout the pandemic, millions of Californians lost their jobs and had to apply for unemployment benefits. Because of bureaucratic mismanagement and burdensome red tape at the Employment Development Department, many of my friends and acquaintances hadn’t heard back on their applications for weeks and even months. 

Sen. Wilk sprang into action and actively reached out to individuals struggling with EDD. He was able to cut through the bureaucratic red tape and help hundreds of unemployed individuals and parents get the benefits they need to afford groceries, rent and living expenses. 

I’ve often heard that integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Well, Scott Wilk, I was watching, and I’m very impressed by your integrity. 

Christian Dadulak 


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