Dr. Aakash Ahuja | A Message from Candidate Ahuja

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Letters to the Editor
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My name is Dr. Aakash Ahuja. I am a psychiatrist MD by profession. I am an immigrant from India. I came to the U.S. about 19 years ago, and have been living in Santa Clarita with my wife and two kids. I love Santa Clarita. The city has given our family a lot and I am running for City Council as I genuinely believe I can help transform this city to be the best in California by making it more vibrant, prosperous, healthy, sustainable, inclusive, and above all united.

I am not a career politician, not backed by any major political group, union or corporations. I am a logical, objective, solution-oriented person who hears everyone and makes common sense and fiscally responsible decisions that help everyone and not just a few special interests. We are a true grassroots-level campaign, endorsed by hundreds of common people, not by political organizations or special interest clubs.

Friends, let’s be honest: Our city has been going through a tough time because of the racial, political and ideological divide. There is mistrust between the community and City Council. Many people believe the council is somewhat biased to certain sections of the society and has been unable to earn the respect of many. I will bridge the gap between the people and the council, make transparency and accountability the pillars of the council, and will earn the trust all, not just a few. As a doctor, I treat everybody the same and will continue to treat everybody with respect and dignity, even if their views are different than mine.

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented damage financially, socially and psychologically. People have lost loved ones, lost jobs, businesses are suffering, kids are not able to go to school and general morale is low. I believe, as a solution-oriented doctor and as a non-politically backed leader, I will be best suited to navigate our city through COVID-19, get the economy started, and get kids back to school safely.

I believe small business is the pulse of Santa Clarita. I will be creative and innovative to help our small-business brothers and sisters. I will work hand in hand with the Chamber of Commerce, will provide incentives to people shop and eat at local mom-and-pop places, provide tax breaks to small businesses, and will use the City Council resources to promote them. I will bring faster internet and better cell phone services to attract new businesses to our city.

I will resolve homelessness in a dignified and strategic manner. I have treated hundreds of homeless people as a doctor and understand the complexities to resolve them. I will partner with local organizations and religious institutes, and will increase mental health care access, de-addiction services, job core training to resolve this. 

I have a comprehensive plan to resolve traffic congestion, will collaborate with the Sheriff’s Department and work to remove the mistrust between them and the community. I will work with them and other organizations to eliminate the opioid epidemic from Santa Clarita. I will increase physical and mental health care access in our city, will try to build another hospital and get a Veterans Administration center in our city.

I will build a youth center, improve our senior centers and will forge economic partnerships with information technology, biotech, entertainment and other industries to bring well-paid jobs into our city.

I am so proud to receive the support from people of all spheres of our community who want better education for kids, better infrastructure, good-paying jobs, growing small businesses, better health care and a united Santa Clarita. I will donate 100% of my City Council salary for local causes to help our kids, teachers, firefighters, veterans and seniors in need. I will create scholarships for our kids and teachers.

I sincerely hope to earn your support and vote.

Let the doctor with vision (and not career politicians) lead Santa Clarita toward prosperity and unity.

Dr. Aakash Ahuja

Santa Clarita

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