Lisa M. McDougald | Gadbois’ History Troubling

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Letters to the Editor
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Recently, Santa Clarita voters read in The Signal that Christian Gadbois, a candidate running for Saugus Union School District Trustee Area 3, faces four felony charges of theft and fraud. 

Even more disturbing is that Gadbois already has a previous criminal history that is unacceptable for any elected position.

In 2008, he was charged with two felonies in Fresno Superior Court for forgery and falsifying information in a criminal case that stemmed from a civil lawsuit, according to public records. This can all be found on the Fresno County Superior Court website.

Reports about the case reveal that some of the false information he had provided to the court involved stolen valor, submitting bogus (military service) paperwork. It was a lie. As part of a plea deal with prosecutors to reduce the charges, Gadbois pleaded no contest to forgery and was sentenced to 120 days in jail. According to court documents, Gadbois received credit for jail time served and the sentence was suspended while he was placed on probation until 2015. 

Apparently, he did not learn his lesson. Now, as The Signal reported, Gadbois is being “prosecuted on four felony counts related to the alleged theft of $82,000 from the State Compensation Insurance Fund and Cal Fire.” 

Gadbois should focus on getting his life in order, not on interfering with our schools. This matter goes beyond any party. Republican, Democrat, and independents alike can agree that someone with this disturbing history is not someone to be entrusted with our children.

Fortunately, there is a far better option for Saugus Unified School District. Her name is Katherine Cooper, a 27-year resident of Santa Clarita, a certified public accountant and mother of two. She understands the challenges our district’s families are facing due to the pandemic. Cooper has the right experience both as a mom and an accountant to fit this moment as schools will soon navigate funding shortages and uncertain circumstances requiring steady leadership and resolve.

Cooper raised two children who attended SCV schools, actively participated in parent teacher organizations, was a Girl Scout leader and delegate for several years and is focused on literacy, science and ensuring every child is provided the best quality education. 

The only choice for decent voters in this election is Katherine Cooper. A jury can vote on Gadbois.

Lisa M. McDougald

Santa Clarita

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