Nicolas Cardenas | A Record of Standing up for Students

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Letters to the Editor
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As an alumnus and former student leader at College of the Canyons, I am proud to support Michele Jenkins’ re-election to the Santa Clarita Community College District board of trustees, District 4. 

Her reelection would continue her three-decade-plus record of standing up for and standing by students. As a student trustee from 2008 to 2010, I vividly recall how Michele was always there for me and fellow students. She never missed our joint Associated Student Government/board of trustees meetings. She faithfully attended student celebrations and events, cheered on fellow Cougars on the field, stood side-by-side with students advocating in Sacramento, listened to us attentively and supported us with her words and actions. 

Over the years, trustee Jenkins has championed many policies and initiatives that have directly supported student success. The open educational resources initiative for free textbooks comes to mind. It was accomplished hand-in-hand with student leaders as she accompanied them to advocacy meetings with state legislators. Countless other trips reinforced her belief that students are our most effective advocates in Sacramento. 

On campus she has supported more than 40 student scholarships and additional programs so students have opportunity and the means to keep going with their education. 

But even more than investing in the future of our students through her own personal resources is the unselfish donation of her time to not only listen to students, but also to support them directly. Many years ago when our new Model U.N. program was invited to compete at Harvard, she travelled to watch those students and cheer them on. She has consistently attended student music, speech and theater performances, as well as athletic events. 

I have observed how dedicated she is to making sure the college continues to advance and stay on the cutting edge. I have seen how she has continually moved the college forward with courageous decisions that are in the best interest of students and the community. She truly cares about serving students and ensuring they have access to excellent educational opportunities that prepare them for well-paying careers. 

Since I left COC, I have been involved in the college through the foundation and other volunteer activities. As an alumnus and a business owner, I care deeply about COC and making sure it is the best it can be. It is because of people like Michele that COC is one of California’s top community colleges. 

Michele Jenkins is clearly the right choice to continue serving the community on the COC board of trustees. Please vote for her on Nov. 3. 

Nicolas Cardenas 

COC Student Trustee (’08-’10) 

San Fernando

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