Maria Guerra | A Forced Adaptation to Technology

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Like many educators in the L.A. area, I had sincerely hoped that we could be reunited with our students safely and in person this fall. But as teachers, we always want what’s best for every child. Right now, that means staying socially distant and keeping school online.  

When we transitioned to distance learning in the spring, everyone was flying blind. This time around, we’re better prepared. We have the digital tools we need to set students up for success, and we know how to use them to their full potential.  

I can pre-record and edit lessons for my students, video chat with them in real time, break them into virtual “small groups,” and track their progress on assignments thanks to tools like Google Classroom. And my tech-savvy students amaze me every day with their creativity and ability to adapt to an all-digital learning environment.  

There is no substitute for in-person teaching, but it’s clear to me that the technology making this school year possible will be the currency of the future, and our students are learning to adapt to it in real time. It’s even likely that the digital platforms we’re using will forever change the way we teach, even in person. I hope any political leader considering technology issues will adopt the same level of appreciation for accessible digital technologies that my students and I have. 

Maria Guerra

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