Lynn Wright | A Wasted Tax-Funded Education

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The purpose of the Naval Academy is to train young men and women for leadership, duty and service to the nation. The value of that education is estimated to be north of $650,000. This education is provided free to the student.

If ever there was a waste of taxpayer funds, it was the education of Rep. Mike Garcia. Hiding behind one of the most laughable interpretations of the Constitution I ever read, Garcia helped to foment and give succor to the rioters who attempted to take over Congress. A few dozen Refusenik losers standing at the corner of Magic Mountain Parkway was all it took to get Garcia to abdicate his oath of office and cravenly snivel to the Donald Trump crowd.

Mike Garcia, with all your photos standing next to F-18s, has less courage in your whole body than Brad Raffensperger has in his left pinkie. Congressman, you have to own up that you helped cause the rioting that disgraced our nation. If you have a shred of honor left, you would resign from an office you obviously have no fitness for. 

Lynn Wright


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