Stephanie Green | Garcia Wrong to Object to Vote Count

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Rep. Mike Garcia is wrong to object to the Electoral College vote. His reason is that we need to investigate election fraud. Really? The states have certified the votes. Many lawsuits have been tossed out by Donald Trump-appointed judges. Recounts have been made and confirm the results. Joe Biden is the winner.

If Garcia truly believes the conspiracies that Trump has perpetuated, then he is just another Republican hack. Maybe Garcia will benefit from some of the over $250 million Trump has raised for his next campaign. I can’t figure out any other reason why Garcia would embarrass the 25th District in this ludicrous effort to gain favor with Trump and his supporters.

Trump lost by over 7 million popular votes. He lost the Electoral College. Just because Trump says he won, does not make it true.

Stephanie Green


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