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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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As our friends from the left remain irrationally fixated on President Donald Trump, I’d like to move on with what’s happening now with the current president. 

In his first week in office, Joe Biden managed to offend just about every group in America with his fury of orders by government fiat, including long-time allies of the Democratic Party. You know it’s bad when even the New York Times concedes this is no way to govern.  

The Biden administration is so out of touch that someone had to actually convince them they should make sure America’s seniors get COVID-19 vaccines before the jihadists at Guantanamo Bay. 

 Despite the media’s best efforts to hide the truth from the American people, we know his Obama-retread policies will result in reduced energy independence, higher gas prices, cutting jobs, renewing stifling regulations, increasing inflation and angering our allies. 

We just didn’t think he would start so fast with his record-breaking executive order frenzy.  

Internationally, the ones most happy about a Biden administration are the NATO deadbeats in Europe, the terrorist regime in Iran, the Communist Party in China, and every money-grabbing, global warming zealot who sees America as the world’s biggest sucker. 

But of particular concern to me is how Biden and the self-proclaimed “party of science” has completely embraced so much anti-science dogma and are forcing it upon the American people. It seems the only groups that Biden hasn’t offended so far are the anti-science fanatics who have overtaken today’s Democratic Party. 

How is this a “Presidency for All Americans”? 

Biden claims he is a devout Catholic, and yet one of the first things he did was expand abortion around the world at the expense of the American taxpayer. Poll after poll shows that almost 80% of Americans are opposed to this action. Biden not only ignored the overwhelming will of the people, but he also chose to overturn the Mexico City Policy on the eve of the March for Life in Washington. How’s that for bringing the country together, folks? 

Only twice in American history has the Supreme Court ruled that someone was not human. The Dred Scott vs. Sandford case of 1857 and Roe vs. Wade in 1973. Science prevailed over the racist and anti-science views of the 1800s. Incredibly, America is still far behind science on the issue of elective abortion. Many people like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi still cling to the barbaric and anti-science belief that pre-born babies are not human, just like we used to think about Black people 164 years ago. 

I still marvel how Democrats rage against the National Rifle Association when some deranged nut kills a dozen people in a tragic shooting, but passionately support the largest abortion mill in the world that ends thousands of human lives every day. The hypocrisy is mind-blowing how they support Black Lives Matter, even as their political cash cow Planned Parenthood specifically targets Black communities to end Black lives.  

If we are to truly “follow the science,” we must reject political expediency and blood money to embrace 100% of science, medicine and biology when it comes to human life in our enlightened age. 

Which leads me to another one of Biden’s anti-science mandates that schools must allow transgender boys to compete in sports with girls. Predictably, everywhere this bizarre experiment has been tried has led to unfair competition and outrage by female athletes. Countless young girls who train for years to earn a college scholarship will have their dreams crushed at the altar of political correctness that could not be more anti-science. 

Imagine a white student getting scholarship money from the United Negro College Fund in place of a Black student because he self-identifies as a Black person. And yet, this is how the Biden administration defines equality. 

Biden and the “party of science” wants to force millions of Americans to teach our children to reject everything they’ve ever learned about science, medicine, biology and common sense to obey their anti-science dictates. It’s a digital book burning.  

Can we talk about this or must we all obey these anti-science mandates without any voice? And can we rise above the hateful and ignorant attacks of homophobia and bigotry meant to shut down conversations devoid of facts, and truly be guided by science? 

After such a bitter election and a nation so divided, you’d think Biden would at least try to reach out to both sides. If this is a preview of what’s to come, it appears the left’s goal is not unity, but conformity. 

Gil Mertz  

Thousand Oaks

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