Kay Vestal | Impeach Biden and Harris

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris need to be impeached. 

Does Biden know what he is doing to this country because he is so jealous of President Donald Trump? His executive orders have taken away jobs and the price of gas is going up, illegal immigrants are welcome to take away jobs. We would not have any vaccinations for COVID-19 if it were not for President Trump and Biden wants to take credit. The man is a liar and should step down. He can’t even complete a sentence without screwing it up. Harris tried to run for president and could not even get 5% of the vote. 

God help us, the swamp is back.

You liberals who are after Rep. Mike Garcia, leave him alone — he is an honorable man who served our country.

Everyone has a right to decide what party you belong to. I have friends who are liberals and are good people. It’s the elite liberals, like Nancy Pelosi — power is all they care about, not this country. 

Kay Vestal

Canyon Country

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