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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I was driving a few days ago in our wonderful valley when I turned to my husband and remarked on the beautiful day, the gorgeous weather, and how lucky we are to have our home in the Santa Clarita Valley. Today (March 11), however, I learned from Christine Johann’s column that our air is full of CO2 pollution, which we must reduce by turning off our engines at every opportunity. Thus, as I understand it, for example, whenever I stop at a stop light I should turn off my engine and then turn it on when time to move. If at a stop sign, in a line, I must start the engine, move 10 feet or so, turn off the engine, and repeat as each car goes through the sign. 

I am not an auto mechanic nor an engineer, but I feel certain that were I to drive in such a fashion, something significant (starter, ignition, etc.) would wear out much sooner than it should, causing excess repair bills that we don’t need in addition to the wear and tear on my nerves in trying to implement such a scheme. So I have to politely tell Ms. Johann, “No way! I ain’t playing that game!”

I do have a suggestion, however. Perhaps Ms. Johann could persuade some of her climate alarmist cohorts (John Kerry, Al Gore, Leonardo Di Caprio, Nancy Pelosi, Prince Charles, and hundreds of others) to stop flying around the world in their private jets while living in multiple gas- and electricity-guzzling mansions emitting more CO2 than all of the SCV will emit in the next 50 years.

Paige Weaver


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