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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Rep. Mike Garcia introduces the Election Integrity Caucus: What this means is this will be a support for free and fair elections. Also, this caucus will crack down on the unfair H.R. 1 bill that has illegal ballot harvesting and promotes zero ID to vote. I and many others applaud Garcia for taking a stand on this issue.  

Election integrity is a must here in this great nation, and we need secure, free and fair elections. Democrats say this is only a Republican issue — this is beyond false. We need fair elections on both sides of the aisle, and right now, the Democrats want to introduce dangerous election laws, as far as to having no ID to vote and ballot harvesting. Ballot harvesting should be punishable for interference of the election process. Nancy Pelosi has admitted to these things she wants in the H.R. 1 bill. 

The last election, in some states laws were violated on secure voting and voting rules changed at the very last minute. Rules should not be changed for secure voting, and when we have IDs for going to get a pack of cigarettes, beer, to see an R-rated movie, to drive, to get a job, to open a bank account, etc., why is it so hard to have your ID ready to vote again? 

This is a country built on law and order. I and many Americans want to have voter ID to vote, election security and a fair election process. It is a privilege to vote legally here in this great country. It is absurd to believe this is only a Republican issue. This is a bipartisan issue.                                                                   

Alyssa Theodore 

Agua Dulce

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