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Letters to the Editor
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I hope there are some levelheaded people out there who can see the madness in some, if not all, of the Democratic issues that are raising their ugly heads. 

For example, I just read in the newspaper that (some schools) are requiring “vaccine cards” from the children to be shown before re-entering the school after being absent for a year or so. That is terrific. Making sure that the children are free from the virus or at least having been vaccinated for the virus. Protecting all the kids and teachers. 

Now look at the news on TV and in the papers regarding illegal immigrants entering OUR country. Illegal immigrants are committing crimes by illegally entering our country without proper documents. But that’s OK with the Democrats. 

That’s bad enough, but they are flowing into our country over our southern borders unchecked for coronavirus or any other diseases they are bringing from their native countries. 

President Joe Biden has authorized the infection of our whole country because all the Democrats are looking at are more votes for their causes. Yes, they will give the illegal immigrants the power to vote. No registration required. All after it took us about a year to get a handle on the virus. No wonder there are new surges coming to light. 

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, independent or whatever, you must raise your voice and demand that they stop the flow of diseases into our country. 

The government won’t even demand the voters to produce valid I.D. when voting, but all the illegals just keep flowing in and given everything free without any checks. Everything that you and I have worked hard for and paid taxes for. But the illegals? Oh. No! You don’t have to pay for anything. Not for your medical care, not your education, not for the Social Security that you are welcome to claim. NOTHING! Not even taxes. Just come on in and travel anywhere you want and settle down and start living the good life, compliments of our mad government. 

We (the citizens) work our butts off just so the government can give the illegals everything free. This is total madness. I don’t blame President Biden. He is operating in a different time zone. It’s his controllers that are the madness behind what they are telling him to do and what to say. 

Do you really think that he knew or had any idea about the 19 executive orders that Donald Trump put into place? Of course not. His handlers had the cancellation orders already made up and he signed them within hours of being sworn in. I doubt that he even read them. 

Washington, D.C., is full of madness and it’s getting worse. You can do something by voting them out or just sit by and watch. Then please don’t complain when you finally wake up and we are on our way to a socialist government. 

Don’t believe me, just look and listen. Or not. 

Just one taxpayer’s opinion. 

Dick Cesaroni


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