Richard Myers | Arenson Letter Misses Point

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Betty Arenson’s, June 9 letter to the editor, “A commission Would Be Useless,” misses the point. She says Rep. Mike Garcia was correct in voting not to appoint a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 happening because it is already being investigated by other committees. 

She says the commission is just a fancy name for a committee and that “we all know” nothing positive ever results from another committee. 

But, we all do not know. We all do not know…because the key word in the commission is “bipartisan” and that would not be the case with committees.

A bipartisan commission would be seen as more accurate in their findings of the “insurrection.” OK, OK, OK…I call it an insurrection but others like Betty might just call it a little picnic gathering or an afternoon outing. What station were they and Betty watching? Disney didn’t cover it.

I just hate it when someone says, “We all know.” How the heck does anyone know what we all know!

Richard Myers


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