Eileen Mann | Ill-Advised Partisan Participation

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Republican Fourth of July and Donald Trump flag car parade. 

The First Amendment to the Constitution protects freedom of speech, and so, safeguards events like this one held in the Santa Clarita Valley where a Confederate flag, the rattlesnake from the Gadsden flag and Trump flags were on display. 

However, the presence of a City Council member, a SCV Water board member, a high school district board member, an assemblywoman and congressman from our district was ill-advised. 

High school boards, the City Council and the water board are non-partisan entities, but members’ attendance at events like this one implies support for the racist ideologies and “the big lie” that are threatening our democracy in frightening ways. 

As elected officials, they represent our city at all times and must refrain from appearing to endorse divisive political rhetoric. It is way past time for responsible Republicans to call out the misinformation that is dividing our country before the damage is irreparable. 

Eileen Mann


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