Richard LaMotte | An ‘America Last’ Policy

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

All the woke Donald Trump haters who were so enraged by four years of peace and prosperity, low unemployment and low taxes, energy independence and a robust foreign policy can be thanked for digging up enough voters to install an administration the world now watches with a combination of horror and glee as it stumbles across the world stage in the humiliating grotesque debacle of Afghanistan. 

It’s not bad enough that billions of tax dollars’ worth of modern military equipment (including drones, rockets and aircraft) has been left to the world’s most ruthless, backward, blood-soaked terrorists and their American-hating allies. An unknown number of Americans and Afghan contractors have been left behind also, setting the stage for the largest hostage crisis in history. And while Taliban fighters are (reportedly) going door to door, beheading and hanging Christians and uppity women, a flaccid State Department scolds meaninglessly, a befuddled Pentagon stammers with non-answers, the president takes a long weekend and the vice president ducks out to Asia. 

This is the direct extension of President Joe Biden’s “America Last” policy, whose domestic implementation is already crowded with catastrophic results: rising inflation, taxes and crime rates, rising deaths from Chinese Fentanyl supplied by Mexican drug cartels growing rich, aiding an unending stream of illegal immigrants (a third of whom may be infected with various diseases) for passage to a porous southern border. School teachers — when they show up — indoctrinating children with Marxist propaganda, like the 1619 project and critical race theory, by any name. The continuation of a confused and contradictory pandemic response policy shrouded in secrecy and implemented by what can only be described as vicious ineptitude, as people are penalized for not taking experimental drugs while the head of the Centers for Disease Control (Rochelle Walensky) admits early vaxxed folks are “at an increased risk for severe disease.” 

There’s more of course. Bankrupting budget proposals, and perpetual indebtedness to China. Growing homelessness, unconstitutional repression of everyday freedoms while our information streams are managed by an agenized technology elite, and American political prisoners are quietly held in Washington, D.C. 

Traditionally there are only a few reasons for a federal government to exist: One, to protect our national borders; two, to provide for a common defense; three, to protect, and ensure American citizens enjoy the freedoms and liberty guaranteed by our Constitution. President Biden, and Democrats at large, fail on every count. We can deal with that later. Right now, write your representatives. Let’s get our people home before the bloodbath starts. 

Richard LaMotte


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