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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

A while back on social media, Christy Smith was forced to respond to a campaign email solicitation for money sent out by her campaign to her supporters that claimed she was born and raised in Santa Clarita. It was written in first-person narrative and it was clearly intended to be read as Ms. Smith speaking directly to the reader. 

This particular solicitation was aimed directly at her fellow Democrat party opponents rather than her normal vitriol she aims at currently sitting Rep. Mike Garcia, who by the way defeated her twice in both the special election to fill the seat of disgraced and resigned Rep. Katie Hill and also for the full-term seat in the 2020 election. At least three of her Democrat opponents either don’t live in the 25th Congressional District at all, or in the case of John Quaye Quartey, only moved here recently for this election. 

You have to question the honesty and just plain smarts of someone who makes such an easily refuted claim about where they were born and raised. Ms. Smith was born in Germany while her father was serving in the military (ours not theirs) and didn’t come to Santa Clarita until she was 10 years old.

In Ms. Smith’s reply to the post on Twitter, she claimed it was a “mistake” and she would correct it. I don’t personally know where Ms. Smith supposedly placed this correction but it has yet to be seen in the place where it was originally put out: in her solicitations for money from her campaign email list.

This incident begs the question of how many other things claimed by Ms. Smith are just “mistakes” and aren’t really true? And it also makes one wonder if this is how she would operate as a U.S. congresswoman if the Democrat party ever figures out a way to get her elected.

Here’s a question I would like to have Ms. Smith answer:

Exactly where did this mysterious staff person who supposedly wrote the document in question get the information that she was born and raised in Santa Clarita?

If your boss told you to write an article where the first paragraph states where you were born and raised, wouldn’t it be logical and prudent of you to ask where they were born and raised? Or perhaps this staffer just has a faulty spell checker that substituted Santa Clarita for Germany and they just didn’t notice it?

Rick Barker


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