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Letters to the Editor
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Well, Gary Horton was back on his high horse (Aug. 18) preaching — pontificating, rather — truth and righteousness to all of the ignorant and selfish masses of the Santa Clarita Valley. I honestly don’t know why Horton did not become a televangelist. He definitely has the right stuff for such a career. From reading Horton’s monotonous monologues I would say that his horse must be a good 10 stories tall – just imagine him falling off of it. I think it would hurt a lot. 

But more to Horton’s attempts at putting us “selfish” people on a collective guilt trip, I have my own words of truth and righteousness.

First of all, Mr. Horton, I am not my brother’s keeper. I wasn’t born for that purpose, it’s not in my job description, and, quite frankly, I’m not interested in the part – I let people like you do it, so knock yourself out. 

Furthermore, I feel no sense of shame or guilt in making such a declaration – in fact, I’m proud of it. The way I see it, people should be their own keepers.

Secondly, nobody has a moral duty to anyone. That’s just more of the televangelist in you coming out. Your sick friend may be one person who has regrets, but there are many who got the virus, got the sickness bad, and yet, while being interviewed by CNN, said that they did not regret it, and would not change a thing if given the opportunity. 

There was this guy back in the old days, back in the late 1700s, a guy by the name of Patrick Henry. He was railing against the tyranny of the British Crown at the Second Virginia Convention. Well, I think he made his position quite clear. Not only was he willing to die for his principles, but also he was encouraging his “brothers” to do the same.

If our Founding Fathers had the same mentality as Gary Horton, we would all still be bowing to the British Crown.

Arthur Saginian
Santa Clarita

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