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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

“Loyalty to party or loyalty to our nation and its security?” There is a question of priorities in Congress. The president and the Democrats have aligned themselves to party loyalty over American loyalty. Instead, they are mired up in divisive propaganda of “defund the police,” demonizing American parents at school board meetings, polices of mandates, massive spending bills that contribute to inflation with a higher cost of living, and the open border put America last. National security is also last but should be the top priority of our Congress and our president. Right now, America is being held hostage to Democrats’ loyalty to a party of a leftist agenda, not to the security of the people it has sworn to protect.

This administration, devoid of the importance of our national defense, fails to invest in our military as China is building up its defense capabilities. Rep. Mike Garcia of the 25th Congressional District understands what is at stake for our nation. 

Fortunately, Garcia, co-chair of the China Task Force and House Appropriations Committee and the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, stays ahead of the pressing issue of national security with the latest intelligence on China’s nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles. In response to the White House, which “welcomes stiff competition” from China, Mike Garcia, fighter pilot, knows very well what a Cold War means when he warns, “This isn’t a game. These are weapons that will end thousands of American lives in a matter of minutes. We cannot afford to lose this modern Cold War.” 

Garcia understands how big the stake is as he is committed to making sure taxpayer dollars are properly spent for military and also invest in the space domain so we are not vulnerable to a nuclear China. Because while China is improving its space program, it’s also improving its missile program.

As reported by the U.S. intelligence community, cited by the Epoch Times Oct. 19, “We Just Don’t Know’ How to Defend Against Possible Chinese Hypersonic Missile: US Ambassador,” Rick Fisher, a senior fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center, stresses how China has been working on hypersonic weaponry for decades but now its capability “has combined a HGV strike system with a fractional orbital bombardment system (and) must be taken very seriously…HGV/FOBS design allows for a payload to strike out with near-unlimited range from any direction once it is in orbit, effectively negating traditional early warning systems.” 

Fisher explains that the Communist Party of China “utilize(s) a so-called dual-use policy that ensures commercial and scientific projects also provide a military benefit,” which makes it difficult to discern China’s weapons tests.

So the question of the time, “Loyalty to party or loyalty to our national security?” can only be answered by the right leadership in Congress, one that is committed on a higher bipartisan level. 

Garcia, with his knowledge of national defense and military background, knows how important it is for our leaders from both sides of the aisle to strive for American loyalty, and put America first when it comes to our national defense. 

Kimberly Conary Russo

Canyon Country

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