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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I had just finished reading Gary Curtis’ letter (Nov. 3) on bereavement for abortion and was ready to write a letter of my own in response to it when I was hit with a bolt of lightning and just sat there for a few moments in a complete daze. When the fog cleared I saw what had hit me, and I could see that we had a much bigger problem on our hands.

I myself have pondered and even written my opinions on abortion, but it is a problematic topic. The main reason for that is humans are a problematic species. From my perspective, this discussion, like others that deal with the topic of abortion, hits only the leaves of the tree while ignoring the roots.

At the core of it all is a sad and unfortunate situation that is more zoological than it is moral, legal, ethical, political, personal, or financial. I can’t see any solution to this problem any more than I can see a solution to things like homelessness, illegal migrations, corrupt officials, pedophile priests, domestic violence, narcissistic leaders, needy followers…here, I have this long list of human frailties and their resulting stupidities.

This is like pumping water out of a ship that was designed and built with holes in it. If we think we can discuss our way out of our “problems” or throw money at things that we see as unpleasant like so many “causes” that need attention then we are going to be here going around in circles forever. That is because we are the problem. 

So how does one go about solving himself? In other words, “Medice, cura te ipsum.” Look it up. We are all nailed to crosses of our own making and I can see very little if anything that can be done about it short of evolving into a different species. I’m not trying to solve any problems here, just trying to say that they are not solvable. I see no purpose to life other than to live it, and to somehow, in some way, try to enjoy living it, giving it whatever little meaning that we can. Beyond that there is nothing… really, there is nothing.

Nihilism at its best.

Arthur Saginian
Santa Clarita

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